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The Best Way to Take Kratom Powder Without Building Tolerance

the best way to take green malay kratom powder

by Michele Ross, PhD

Maybe you’re curious about the best way to take kratom powder but scared you might get addicted to it. Or maybe you’re an experienced user who is worried they are spending too much money on kratom and getting less and less effects every day. If you're a CBD user or cannabis user, tolerance to cannabis products is common with daily use and very similar to what happens with regular kratom use.

What is kratom tolerance?

Kratom tolerance is real, and unchecked, it can lead to kratom dependence, and even worse kratom addiction. But before you get too scared, remember that most people have built up tolerance to caffeine and in fact, are slightly addicted to their daily cup (or two or three) of coffee. Since kratom is actually part of the coffee family of plants, keep in mind kratom dependence is more like caffeine addiction and less like heroin addiction.

How does kratom tolerance form?

The alkaloids in kratom, including mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, bind to mu and delta opioid receptors on cells and activate downstream pathways that result in effects like pain relief and euphoria. With chronic use of kratom, the opioid receptors become densensitized to the alkaloids, and the downstream pathways are less likely to be turned on. This means a reduction in effects pain relief and mood lift, or the feeling that the kratom isn’t working any more.

Reducing your kratom tolerance can require some changes to your daily kratom use, but it doesn’t have to involve quitting kratom for good.

Here are the best ways to take kratom powder and prevent kratom tolerance:

1. Don’t use kratom powder every day

The more often you take kratom powder, the faster you will build tolerance to it. There is two ways to reduce frequency of kratom use: how many days per week you use it, and how many times per day you use it. Consider using kratom powder every other day or two days on, one day off to keep your receptors sensitive to kratom and reduce kratom tolerance.

As a beginner user, don't use kratom more than once a day. More experienced kratom users or those who need substantial relief may use kratom no more than twice a day.

2. Use small doses of kratom powder

As a new user, start low with your dosage. While each brand and even strain of kratom may weight slightly different, the average weight of 1 teaspoon of kratom powder at AURA Therapeutics is about 2.4 grams.

Anything that feels good is best in moderation. Think of that nightly glass of wine that turns into nightly bottle of wine over time. it's best not to make relaxing with a cup of kratom tea a daily habit that turns into 2 or 3 cups. Catch yourself if you find your use growing in time or signs that you're consuming for no other reason except boredom.

3. Rotate kratom strains

Are you using your favorite kratom strain daily? You may find switching to a different strain may help your body respond better to the same dose of kratom. For best effects, pick a strain in a different family and alternate use. We recommend have at least one red vein kratom powder, green vein kratom powder, and white vein kratom powder at hand to rotate between.

Why does your body build tolerance to a specific strain? This effect is called Stagnant Strain Syndrome. It's very similar to how cannabis users find they have to switch up the cannabis strains they smoke so they don't have escalate their dose to feel the same effects. Cannabis contains over 100 cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, each with their own combination in individual strains.

Different strains of kratom contains different levels and combinations of active ingredients including 40 alkaloids such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, flavonoids, polyphenols, and terpenoid saponins. While we are still learning about the different chemical profiles of individual strains, we do know that they may activate opioid and other receptors differently and result in less tolerance when more than one is used regularly.

4. Use kratom potentiators instead of more kratom powder

It's tempting to think more is always better, but in the case of kratom, you can use less kratom if you combine it with other natural plant substances that potentiate its effects. For example, add a bit of lemon juice to your kratom powder and the citric acid will help break down plant material and release the active alkaloids more quickly. Many users report taking a magnesium capsule improves the effects of using kratom, likely because most people are deficient in magnesium to begin with.

Some natural plants inhibit p450 liver enzymes that break down the active ingredients in kratom, which increase the amount of time they are working in your bloodstream. Grapefruit juice is a known kratom potentiator, but you probably didn't know that CBD also is because it inhibits the CYP3A4 enzyme that breaks down mitragynine. Taking CBD either 45 minutes before kratom use or together in the same tea means you should be able to use less kratom for the same effects. We love using CBD sugar with kratom tea.

5. Take kratom tolerance breaks 

Many CBD and cannabis users find taking a week off resets their tolerance levels. Similarly, taking occasional week or longer kratom tolerance breaks can help your opioid receptors respond better to chronic kratom use.

Using kratom responsibly is the most important thing you can do

Whether you’re just starting to use kratom or a longtime user of kratom, it’s important to use kratom responsibly so you minimize any unwanted side effects. Remember to listen to your mind and your body and keep your kratom use in moderation.

Just because something is a plant or is natural, does not mean it is automatically safe. This is especially true of anything that might be used daily or at high doses. People can get stomach aches, heart palpitations, and insomnia from drinking too much coffee. People have even died from drinking too much water, which is crazy considering our bodies contain almost 70% water!

By following the tips above to use kratom powder responsibly, you’re making a smart decision about your health. Kratom can be used safely to improve the quality of your life, whether it’s to relax or reclaim your energy.

By Michele Ross, PhD

Dr. Michele Ross help women heal chronic pain with cannabis, kratom, and mushrooms. She is the author of Kratom is Medicine, Vitamin Weed, CBD Oil For Health, and Train Your Brain To Get Thin. Book a free consultation with her today.

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